The FoRB Roundtable Brussels-EU is a convenor of NGOs and individuals from any or no faith that work for freedom of religion or belief

FoRB Roundtable Brussels - EU

FoRB Roundtable Brussels-EU at EU Brussels Press Club

Since being established, the ‘FoRB Roundtable Brussels-EU’ has been known for an unparalleled commitment to advocate for Freedom or Religion or Belief issues, for people and communities of ALL faiths or not.

The FoRB Roundtable Brussels-EU is an informal group of individuals from civil society who gather regularly to discuss FoRB issues on a non-attribution basis. It is simply a safe space where participants gather, speak freely in sharing ideas and information, and propose joint advocacy actions to address specific FoRB issues and problems globally. It’s part of an informal international network of such roundtables (see A Model for Sustainable Peace and Prosperity for more info). While being part of this network, the FoRB Roundtable Brussels-EU is completely independent in its governance. More than 100 NGOs and governmental organisations regularly participate to the Roundtable Brussels-EU.

Participants are free to propose initiatives regarding the protection and promotion of freedom of religion, conscience, and belief in Europe and around the world, and other participants have then the possibility to join these initiatives and self-select into coalitions of the willing on such initiatives.


These multi-faith joint letters build momentum on policy. Any participant of the group can propose letters and float them through the RT for organization and/or individual signatures.


Read our Purpose and Overview Statement to understand better what the FoRB Roundtable Brussels-Europe really is.


Read our document “A Model for Sustainable Peace and Prosperity” to understand how the FoRB Roundtable model can change conditions for peace and prosperity all around the world.

FoRB Roundtable Brussels-EU